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We now offer a 1 year limited warranty on qualifying head unit repairs for an additional $200 over quoted repair cost (pending inspection to ensure case and hard parts in suitable condition), with following requirements: 1) Unit cannot have been opened or tampered with in ANY way, 2) Must confirm suitable pulley ratio – not overspinning unit, 3) Any evidence of lack of sufficient oil flow will nullify. 4) You agree Validation is solely up to our discretion and will show you pictures of why it has been denied, if that is the case.

Minimum inspection and return shipping fee $200, if you send in your unit for repair and then decide not to have us complete the repair work you orignally requested. Please email for any other questions, if you want to discuss a special case.

All sales are FINAL. NO refunds. Prices subject to change without notice. All items and services are sold and performed AS-IS. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage to parts of any kind, due to a failure of any kind. All parts are aftermarket, experimental performance parts, intended for use on off-road vehicles only. Some part numbers may have been removed, simply to avoid “copy-cat” sellers and to protect intellectual property (spent a lot of time and money determining the best parts). Rest assured parts are as described – check our 100% positive feedback in this regard. NO WARRANTIES expressed, nor implied. BUYER ASSUMES ANY AND ALL RISK. Parts are not guaranteed as fit for any particular purpose. Any parts that may be sold or installed are not manufactured by L. Maness and therefore is not liable for any part failure of any kind, resulting damage from any part failure, or damage or failure due to misuse. Any shortages must be reported within 2 days of receipt. Any item(s) left over 90 days is abandoned property. 20% restocking fee, IF, a return is accepted and shipping costs are not refundable.


NOT responsible for anything lost or damaged in shipping:
Handling time may be up to approximately 1-2 days, but most items ship same day (very rarely may be up to 5 days, if out of stock)

General guide for Shipping charges and Times in USA:

$6 – Regular shipping, typically 5-9 days (for most parts)

$10 – USPS Priority shipping, typically 2-3 days (for most parts)

$25 – USPS Express shipping, typically 1-2 days (for most parts)

$30 – Ground, typically 4-5 days (for most head units)

$75 – 2-Day air (for most head units)

$100 – Overnight (for most head units)
$45 – 60 ADD International shipping to any order …

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