VORTECH V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V9, V24, V28

Vortech V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V9, V24, V28

Vortech Repair Services

Vortech Overhaul / Repair services V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V9 / A, B, E, F, G, SC, SCi, S, Si, T, Ti, YS, YSi, X, XX-trims, etc, etc.


$465.00 – V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V7,V9 ABEC 7 (59K rpm) repair service
$615.00 – V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V7,V9 ABEC 7 Ceramic hybrid (62K rpm) repair service
$265.00 – Shaft seal only repair service

$1095 – A, B, S, SQ, or Si to Si or T trim conversion with 8/8 billet impeller, bearings, and seals.
(prices include $40 domestic return shipping – add $60 for Express International shipping)

MACHINE SCROLL / VOLUTE for larger trim

$225.00 – machine scroll to larger trim profile (from A, S, Si, etc. trim, up to T trim)
$400.00 – fabricate/weld/machine scroll up to Ti trim profile (from A, S, Si, T, etc., up to Ti trim)


Shipping and payment details on Repair Form here:

Aftermarket Impellers for Vortech


$455 – High end Billet 9/9 Impeller for Vortech – 7075
Designed for better mid to high end response.


Choose Profile


$405 – 8/8 Billet impeller for Vortech – 7075
Similar to stock design with small gains across all ranges


Choose Profile


$375 – Mid range 16 tall Billet impeller Vortech – 7075
Designed for better low to mid range response, with some expected loss of top end.


Choose Profile

$405.00 – CW cast impeller- Vortech – C355



Choose Profile

$405.00 – CCW cast impeller – Vortech – C355



Choose Trim Profile

Vortech Repair Kits / Parts

Repair kits for Vortech Repair kits include 4 bearings and 2 shaft seals, O-ring is optional.
Select choice of impeller shaft seal: current OEM style is Mechanical seal (most popular) – spring loaded carbon ring (seals against the back of the thrust washer) OR the aftermarket PTFE/Viton hybrid seal – Viton rubber lined with PTFE to reduce friction and wear (seals around the shaft OD).
V-series ABEC 7 (59K rpm) repair kit, w/mechanical seal (MOST POPULAR)




V-series ABEC 7 (59K rpm) repair kit, w/PTFE/Viton seal




V-series ABEC 7 Ceramic hybrid (62K rpm) repair kit w/Mech seal





V-series input & output shaft seals & o-ring



Seal Options


V-series input seal & output shaft seals



Seal Options


V-series output shaft seal (Mechanical or Viton/PTFE hybrid)


Seal Options

009.JPG $15.00 – V-series Input shaft seal


012.JPG $15.00 – O-rings – Front Cover (gear box) OR Volute (scroll)



Seal Options

$35 – V3 self contained oil slinger


(Since these are thicker than stock, you will need to adjust the pre-load on the impeller shaft, usually removing 1 wave spring, works for most.)

021.JPG $150.00 – Output shaft bearing, ABEC 7, P4 Ceramic ball, hybrid H.S.




021.JPG $80.00 – Output shaft bearing, ABEC 7 , P4, Steel ball H.S.




$20 – 80 Input bearings



Low speed input shaft bearing options


$295 – $325 – V-series output shaft gear (straight or helical)


Click Options List

$325 – $375 – V-series input gear (straight or helical)




v-input-sft.JPG $125.00 – V-series Input shaft




impeller-nut.JPG$4 – Nut for Impeller Shaft




$30 – Thrust Washer for Impeller Shaft



Bore Option

$15 – Pulley retainer assembly




$5 – Wave Spring




Vortech Head Units

v1billet90.JPG$1500.00 – V1 S-trim, CW, afmkt CAST impeller, 90 deg discharge, used, rebuilt v1billet90.JPG$1600.00 – V1 S-trim, CW, afmkt BILLET 8/8 impeller, 90 deg discharge, used, rebuilt

Vortech Mounting bracket

86-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 302 Vortech brackets / mounting parts



Click Options List

93-95 Ford F150 Lightning 5.8 / 92-96 Ford F150 / Bronco 5.0/5.8



Bracket / Tensioner
Bolt Pattern Options

9914 Chevy Bracket
99-14 Chevy/GMC Truck Bracket (4.8, 5.3, 6.0L Vortec)



Click Options List

$125.00 – Vortech mounting bracket for ’96-’98 Mustang 2V GT


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