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Blogroll October 6th, 2020

Here are links to some short videos of customer units we have recently repaired, by no means an exhaustive list, will continue to add more videos…
We can get or make billet impellers for ANY centrifugal supercharger you may need repaired. Old or New ! We actually show proof of the vast variety that we can repair.
We are in reality, the Premier Centrifugal Supercharger Rebuilder, amid others claims…

Paxton NOVI 2000 –
Pro charger F1C Gear Box Repair –
Pro charger F1C Billet Impeller Repair –
Pro charger C1A –
Pro charger C2 –
Powerdyne XB-1M trim Mid range billet –
V3 Si, Mid billet, powder-coated –
Pro charger, D1, oil fed, OG –
Vortech A trim to Ti trim, Billet –
Vortech V4 XX trim, Billet –

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